Rtorrent web interface

Me and alka wrote a web application in ruby which serves as an interface to rtorrent. It has been written in ruby using the ramaze and sequel frameworks. It
is currently tested on debian stable with mostly apt-get installed gems,
for more info check the README file included (the only one external to
the distribution should be the xmlrpc gem which is on another post in
this blog).
It supports authentication and accesses rtorrent through the unix socket
interface, allowing to run the server as a user process.
An internal copy of the information from rtorrent is stored in a
in-memory sqlite database (maybe it can be totaly avoided, but that was how we planned it in the beggining) to avoid to access too much times to rtorrent
along with the caching of pages in ramaze.

Currently may lack some feature, but it’s doing it’s job, the main
missing feature is the user interface. If someone can write a
CSS and maybe do some cleanup in the interface any help would be

As usual in the code page everything can be found or directly here

It is currently no more developed as we switched torrent client. Patches or comment are welcomed


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