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Portsfoster is a debfoster clone i wrote in ruby for the Macports software distribution system.
It work in a similar way and helps you to have a clean MacPorts installation without ports you don’t want (or you forgot).

At start it will ask you if you want to purge inactive packages (or the program will leave them untouched). Then it will load all the installed ports and dependencies to check which are new (to his knowledge) and ask you if you want to keep them.

You you don’t keep a port the program will continue asking on the packets dependencies if they aren’t already locked for another port.

When done the list of “keep” packet will be saved in /opt/local/var/portsfoster as simple text with one package for line. You can delete or add manually if you need to.

Don’t worry if the program takes time to calculate all the dependencies, it gets the information through the port command and not analyzing the port files, and this takes some time…

You can find the link to the project in the code page or just here

Dont worry if the pogram reports that information about a port can’t be found. It means that the package has been localy installed (and it is not in the port tree) or that it has been installed and then removed from the port tree.
If you have a old installation of macports (say, older then this post at least) you may receive the warning on the render port. Just uninstall it, it is no more in the tree.

It has been discontinued and it is not working, it needs fixes to work.


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