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Ruby rtorrent controller

Finnaly i had time to work on the rtorrent controller.
it works, that’s all i can say everyone will have to test it and fix the various values to setup the network for each own best performances.

There are many costants that may be configured to solve problems you may encounter with the configuration. Everything should be clear in the comments but i’ll try to add  more comments anyway when i have time.

With the configuration in the distribution (made for myself for my 2M adsl) i can have my sister doing video chats and playing online without any lag problem and when everything is finihed rtorrent autmatically will raise his own bandwidth limits.

There is currently a drawback. Rtorrent versions prior of 0.8.1 have a memory leak regarding xmlrpc-rtorrent communications. This means that rtorrent is going to eat all your ram. I am using the program monit to monitor my own servers and it’s  just trivial with it to keep rtorrent in a sane memory usare buy restarting it everytime it goes too far. Otherwise even a cronjob will do the trick restarting rtorrent every 1 or 2 days.

You can find the link to the project in the code page or just here


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mupnp updated

mupnp has been updated to version 0.1.1.

The point is that i was experimenting problems with firehol firewall wich had UPnP ports enabled but I still wasn’t retriving any answer.

To fix this i had to hack a little on miniupnp library and finished searching when i found the TX_FROM_UPNP_PORT constant wich wasn’t set by default due to compatibility problems with Windows XP. I just made a slight change and converted it in a runtime check instead of a compile time one. This changed the C api of the library for the upnpDiscover function, and added a value to the initialization of the high level interface written to interface with the library which is automatically set to send data from the upnp port.

I have sent the patch to the mainstream developer, but it would require api changes and more modification to make it work correctly on the full fledged library.

With this last fix the rtorrent ruby controller is almost ready, i just have to comment the code and write a post about it

The gem is already available for upgrade on the rubyforge webstite or gem utility.

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