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UPnP Gem!

I have just discovered the power of the mkmf package in Ruby.
It simplify the way to build the upnp module a lot!
I just had to move the files to be compiled in a folder (called miniupnpc) and then just call this

require 'mkmf'

And i’ll have a makefile ready to compile the module, no matter which is you platform! With theis new knowledge and the immense usefulness of the ferret’s Rakefile i’have built and published a ruby gem that will install the UPnP module and the wrapper.

The name is simply mupnp. Installable with the gem utility. For windows the library must be precompiled, so it may not be immidiatly upated or released when needed.

There have been some API changes, to make it more ruby style, anyway it is nothing big, just check at the documentation of the methods and check for differences.
[Only addPortMapping and the initialize method had a change in the order of the arguments]

To install it just do:

gem install mupnp

And it will be downloaded and compiled on your mac/linux box. For windows version i’ll have to find someone to trust that will build it for me.


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